As featured on WGN radio, AM 720, for a live, 35 minute interview in March 2007!

The host, who does a lot of interviews, noted, "One of the most interesting people I've spoken to in recent memory was Reverend Phil Landers ( his real name ). He's a full-time wedding minister and a part-time professional auto haggler. That's right, the reverend will go to the car dealership with you and negotiate a deal on a car! "

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With No More Haggling by your side, you will:

Save money.
You could save over $1500, which is nearly 4X the fee. Result? You get lower monthly payments.

Save time.
Save up to 8 hours of your valuable time. No more negotiating with multiple new car dealers.

Eliminate stress.
Relax. Let a professional take care of the entire process from start to finish.

Avoid being ripped off.
Get the options you paid for and avoid unnecessary expenses (ex., rustproofing).

No More Haggling's Professional Auto Negotiator will go WITH YOU to your neighborhood new car dealer in Chicagoland TWICE.

1st visit: to do all the haggling so you get the best possible price (including trade-in, if any), without the stress, saving you hours of your valuable time.

2nd visit: when you pick up your vehicle to make sure nothing is added (ex., rustproofing) or missing (ex., an option you paid for).

There are car buying services that will have several dealers fax you a quote, but you still have to go in on your own to purchase the car. There are places that will quote you a price, take it or leave it. But no one else will go with you to your neighborhood new car dealer to negotiate the price. And no one else will go back with you when you pick up your car to make sure nothing is missing (ex. an option you ordered) or added (ex. rustproofing or extended warranty). No one.

"I've never had a good experience buying a car before. The thought that someone would assist me throughout the process sounded great to me. And the whole thing was totally painless. After carefully researching the car I wanted to purchase you helped me beat the dealer price by 8%! I loved the fact that you know all the ins and outs of the car buying business and could carefully go over everything every step of the way. You saved me time and money, but more importantly, you made the whole experience a positive one. I love the car. Thank you!"

— Geoff A., Lake Barrington, IL

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